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Bio Plant Manawatu NZ (BPMNZ) looks to deliver innovative, efficient, profitable and environmentally responsible solutions through GGII’s Anaerobic Pyrolysis technology that converts waste to energy and achieve waste minimization goals for the communities and local governments.

BPMNZ will convert up to 70 ton/day of MSW in the Manawatu region, converting into outputs of synthetic biodiesel (14,000lt/day), electricity (2MWh) and biochar/char.

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  • Bioplant Manawatu NZ Ltd - Is a project developed in collaboration with the Manawatu District Council, which will derive significant benefits for its ratepayers through reduced waste being disposed in landfill and the associated environmental benefits, lower waste management costs and increased local employment.  More here

Contact: Taupo Tani
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Waste to Energy processing