Membership benefits

The Bioenergy Association is the go-to place for information on the bioenergy industry with members in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific. The Bioenergy Association members work collectively and share a wealth of bioenergy information to support members’ business activities and promote their expertise and capabilities in the Oceania bioenergy sectors.  Association activities are grouped:

  • Wood energy – essentially combustion of biomass including straw and herbaceous material.
  • Waste-to-energy – essentially the anaerobic digestion of solid and liquid organic waste to produce biogas.
  • Liquid biofuels – principally heavy cycle transport fuels.

The activities cover:

  • Advocacy and growing the use of bioenergy and biofuels
  • Establishment of best practice standards and practitioner continuing professional development
  • Information dissemination
  • Member support for their bioenergy or biofuels business

Its members include land and forestry owners, wood processors, feedstock suppliers, fuel and energy suppliers, waste managers, local government asset managers, equipment suppliers, manufacturers, consultants, contractors, energy researchers, educators, regulators and investors. There are special membership rates for students.

Contribute to growing the sector and setting best practice standards

The Association is a collective of people who believe that by working as a group we can make more progress than by acting individually. A quarter of membership fees is a pooled fund of money to undertake activities to grow the sector and develop best practice standards. If you want to work with others to ensure that bioenergy solutions contribute to a sustainable future you should join the Association.

By working collectively we have a bigger voice for the sector and putting a strong case for bioenergy and biofuels. As a member of the collective you shape the messages and the actions to make bioenergy and biofuels relevant.

Member services include

  • Support to grow your business - The Association provides individual and confidential support to its members to assist them grow their business. If you have a bioenergy related matter where you would like assistance contact the Executive Officer. This could be related to the market, support for individual proposals or discussion of a proposal.  Read BPP23 Using bioenergy and biofuels to assist your business>>
  • Increasing your profile - extend your profile and your network of others in the sector with exposure to potential customers and decision makers through participation in conferences, technical groups, workshops, discussions, webinars and seminars.  As a webinar speaker you can extend your network of contacts. If you have a topic which you would like to lead a discussion on contact the Executive Officer who will assist you prepare the idea for a webinar.  As a member this is free exposure to hundreds of potential attendees you wouldn't otherwise reach.
  • Promotion of your services by inclusion in the Association's Contact a Bioenergy and Biofuels expert directory on the website. Each member has an associated profile page where Oceania specific bioenergy information, case studies, contact details etc are set out. The size of the profile depends on membership levels - Silver and Gold Members get a larger profile.  See examples here.
  • Access to the Bioenergy Knowledge Centre - where you can find technical and marketing information, international conference papers, research reports. Only members can freely access the full wealth of material. For non members there is a pay wall. Access via the Members’ area of the website.
  • News and advertising of products and services - Members are welcome to provide news for the Bioflash.  The Bioflash is sent to around 900 recipients across the sector each month.  If you have a product or service or have participated in a project you would like to shout about then find the news angle and we will share it with hundreds of readers of the Bioflash.
  • Receive the monthly Bioenergy Association electronic newsletter - the Bioflash brings you the latest news from the New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific along with relevant and international bioenergy sector news.  See advertising in the Bioflash and on the website.
  • Become a Bioenergy Association registered adviser - we can give you the opportunity to become a Registered Wood Energy or Biogas adviser. A Registered Wood Energy Adviser who is recognised as meeting information and experience criteria set by the Association members. The Association actively works to encourage asset owners to use only registered bioenergy advisers and member's products
  • Use of the Bioenergy Association branding on your promotional material.
  • Promotion of your products and the opportunity to advertise in the website Biogas Equipment Catalogue or the Wood Energy Equipment Catalogue. The suite of Association websites provides opportunities to improve promotion of members' products and services. A number of products listings are free to members according to the level of membership.
  • LinkedIn - The association has set up discussion groups on LinkedIn. These are for members to communicate more widely with the public.  Join the discussion group here
  • The opportunity to contribute to the establishment of industry best practice through preparation and publication of technical guides and resources and the hosting of training programmes.
  • Participate collectively in advocacy to central and local Government, investors, energy users and the public of the economic, employment and environmental benefits of bioenergy.