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Justsen Pacific is the APAC arm of the Danish biomass boiler manufacturer, Justsen Energiteknik A/S. Founded in 1959, Justsen A/S is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specialising in biomass-fuelled boiler systems. Justsen Pacific is staffed with a team of professionals and senior advisors who have nearly thirty years of experience with Justsen boilers and the bioenergy sector. Our core values are environmental awareness, continuous development, and innovation, loyalty, and efficiency.

Justsen builds advanced incineration plants and delivers them worldwide. The Research and Development department continually develops and improves technology, ensuring that the latest technology achievements are employed in boiler manufacturing. The product has an ultra-long life expectancy, low maintenance costs, and it always meets local environmental demands. The core element in Justsen boilers is water-cooled moving grates designed to minimise radiation loss through water- cooled walls and emissions thanks to controlled combustion via high- pressure drop. Low-temperature exposure and 27% Chromium in the casting alloy ensures the robustness and durability of the grates.

Core skills and project activities

The scope of supply typically covers all pressurised parts, hardware, and all integral parts/components of the system—moreover, supervision on mechanical installation and start-up, schooling, and tests.


  • Hot water Boilers <30 MW
  • Saturated Steam Boilers <50 t/h
  • Superheated Steam Boilers (CHP)
  • Boilers for Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC)
  • Renewables (WID/IED)
  • System Elements (OEM)
  • After Sales (up to 10 years warranty)

Design Fuel

  • Woody biomass
  • Agricultural biomass
  • Waste wood Grade C/D and RDF
  • Various – peat, spent coffee grounds and biomass mix with sludge/waste from coconut industry and African palm

Technology Applications

  • Process industries (textiles, food+beverage)
  • Woodworking industries and sawmills
  • Agriculture and farming (glasshouses, poultry)
  • District heating & Housing estates

Leading Edge

Justsen’s systems are a Danish-made premium boiler option, with high efficiencies, versatile fuel options, guaranteed performance levels and a Factory Warranty of up to 10 years. We are best-suited for production and processing facilities or significant size and output that attach real value to dependable, high-efficiency, high-uptime machinery that allows uninterrupted production at their plants.

Website: https://www.justsenpacific.com/
Contact: Thomas Strang
By email: thomas@justsenpacific.com
By phone: +61 (0)407 648 968

Company activities:
Solid fuel biomass boiler systems, electric/electrode boiler systems.