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General bioenergy and biofuels topics

  • Submission from the Bioenergy Association - Response to draft Low-emissions economy report (June 2018) - This submission is complementary to the individual submissions from members which provide more detail on specific aspects of the draft report. Read full document
  • Consultation - low emissions economy inquiry (October 2017), Productivity Commission submission (October 2017). More here
  • Proposed revised Rotorua Air Quality Control Bylaw (June 2017) - The Bioenergy Association supports retaining the current Rotorua Lakes District bylaw with some amendment. The Bioenergy Association takes seriously the necessity to reduce emissions to air and supports the adoption of controllable renewable energy based heating that allows achievement of high quality air emission standards. More here Solid biofuels
  • Oral submission in support of ratification of Paris Climate Change Agreement Sept 2016) - The Bioenergy Association supports the ratification of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, and believes that the targets proposed by the Government are achievable without resort to the purchase of the international emission trading units, provided that there is a decisive programme of complementary measures led by Government. More here
  • NZ ETS Review 2015/2016 consultation (Feb 2016) - The Bioenergy Association is concerned that Govt is focusing only on the ETS and is not addressing all the opportunities available to reduce GHGs. The ETS is only one of the tools available and Bioenergy Association members would like to see Govt step back and develop a Plan of Action for Achieving GHG Emission Reduction Targets.  More here
  • Oral submission - Canterbury Air Regional Plan Hearing (Oct 2015) - The Bioenergy Association supports the adoption of science based policy and takes seriously the necessity to reduce emissions to air. It is concerned, however, that much of the policy developed by the Canterbury Regional Council with regard to emissions to air has been draconian and simplistic rather than addressing the issue in a more pragmatic manner. More here solid biofuels
  • Submission - Setting New Zealand's post-2020 climate change target (June 2015) - to achieve the targets the Bioenergy Association strongly encourages the Government to produce a roadmap setting out the initiatives which will be used to achieve the respective targets. The Association would be pleased to contribute to the development of the roadmap. More here
  • Submission to Government on its Climate Change Target discussion paper (May 2015) - the Minister for Climate Change Issues, Hon Tim Groser, has announced public consultation on New Zealand's post-2020 international climate change target under the United nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Read the media release.
  • Submission to MED on the draft NZ Energy Strategy (NZES) and NZ Energy Efficiency and Consevation Strategy (NZEECS) (Sept 2010) - While BANZ  supports the strategies, we believe that the policies and principles underlining the strategies and actions must be further developed. The NZES doc sets out an appropriate framework for the sector putting a balance on supply and demand and incorporates all the different facets of energy. It is a sound base document from which an energy and efficiency and renewables >strategy could be developed.  Read full submission.
  • Oral submission - to Board of Inquiry on behalf of BANZ on the proposal for a NPS for Renewable Electricity Generation (July 2009) - In summary BANZ submits general support for a NPS for renewable electricity generation; requests that the policy statement be widened to cover all forms of renewable energy (incl all biomass conversion techs) not just elec; alternatives to a NPS are not supported; Policy 3 reversibility aspects of renewable energy projects are not support.  Read full submission.

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