Environmental policy

Position statements

Government missing opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create new business from Tairawhiti biomass waste (February 2023) - The announcement that the Government has dropped the Sustainable Biofuels Obligation Bill is not surprising as the Government has consistently looked at the opportunities for greenhouse gas emissions reduction with the wrong lens. New Zealand is rich in sources of biomass which can produce greater economic and wellbeing opportunities for NZ Inc, including reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

“We also have areas like the East Cape where improved utilisation of what we already grow can provide environmental and economic benefits to local communities, while avoiding the current problems from slash. Using the wood to produce transport biofuels or producing new types of wood fuel to replace coal used by large energy users such as Huntley power station, Fonterra or steel and concrete manufacturing.  We could could do this if we were serious about assisting the East Cape”.  More here

Bioenergy Cluster to assist address Canterbury air emissions (August 2015) - The Bioenergy Association has welcomed the establishment of a Canterbury Bioenergy Cluster to help create green jobs and foster economic growth as well as address Christchurch’s air emissions problems. More here

Bioenergy Association welcomes Greenpeace's report into New Zealand's ability to move to a new clean economy (February 2013) - In particular BANZ notes the report's emphasis on bioenergy as a means to achieving a New Zealand clean energy future. Read full article.

Pure Advantage's report into New Zealand's position in the green race (June 2012) - the report specifically makes mention that the potential for bioenergy in New Zealand is huge. Read full article.